• CCANZ CP 01:2014 Code of Practice for Weathertight Concrete & Concrete Masonry Construction
    Download (pdf 3.61MB)
  • CCANZ Designing Comfortable Homes - 2nd edition
    Download (pdf 3.44MB)
  • CCANZ IB 47 Stater Bars - Concrete Masonry
    Download (pdf 277.39KB)
  • CCANZ IB 87 Concrete Masonry Compliance with H1
    Download (pdf 1.08MB)
  • CCANZ IB 96 Trombe Walls
    Download (pdf 1.00MB)
  • NZCMA On Site Management of Concrete Washwater - Masonry Edition
    Download (pdf 401.92KB)
  • SuDS - Bob Bray - Integrated Rainwater Management: SuDS Comes of Age
    Download (pdf 5.00MB)
  • SuDS - Bob Bray - Designing and Delivering Permeable Surfaces
    Download (pdf 3.86MB)
  • SuDS - David Hein - Integrating Hydraulic and Structural Design Using Permeable Design Pro
    Download (pdf 7.88MB)
  • SuDS - Nick Vigar - The Role of Pervious Paving in Meeting the Requirements of the Auckland Unitary Plan
    Download (pdf 1.36MB)
  • SuDS - Sam Blackbourn - Permeable Pavements Design and Installation Experiences in Auckland
    Download (pdf 9.34MB)


  • Product Info Sheet 1 - Masonry Units
    Download (pdf 145.81KB)
  • Product Info Sheet 2 - Concrete Masonry Surface Finishes
    Download (pdf 130.87KB)


  • Permeable Paving Principles - CCANZ Concrete magazine (Vol. 57 Iss. 1)
    Download (pdf 490.67KB)
  • Aitkens Concrete Ltd: 100 Years in Concrete and the Gisborne Building Industry - CCANZ Concrete magazine (Vol. 53 Iss. 1)
    Download (pdf 432.52KB)
  • A Half Century of Concrete Masonry - CCANZ Concrete magazine (Vol. 53 Iss. 1)
    Download (pdf 239.77KB)
  • NZ Concrete Masonry Association Celebrates Over 50 Years of Activity - Media Release
    Download (pdf 64.44KB)

project profiles

  • Project Profile 1 - Remuera House
    Download (pdf 434.58KB)
  • Project Profile 2 - Cranko House
    Download (pdf 521.49KB)
  • Project Profile 3 - Pipitea Marae
    Download (pdf 642.79KB)
  • Project Profile 4 - Masterton Town Hall
    Download (pdf 652.25KB)

Concrete masonry is a staple material of the New Zealand construction industry; a silent workhorse that encompasses reinforced concrete block and concrete block veneer, along with concrete block paving and flagstone paving for pedestrian walkways.

The Concrete Masonry Manual, which was created in the late 1970s as a guide to the design and construction of concrete masonry, has been updated and is available in sections for free download as required.

Download the Manual