Current Projects


The NZCMA have supported many R&D Projects. Some notable recent or current projects include:

 •  Durability and weathertightness of masonry coating systems
 •  Non-specific design of concrete masonry structures
 •  Performance of prestressed concrete masonry
 •  Shear strength of concrete masonry walls
 •  Performance of bedding sands for concrete pavers
 •  Flagstone pavement specification


For many years the NZCMA has been active in the development of both design and construction standards which form a basis of construction compliant to the New Zealand Building Code.

This work continues with the technical review of existing standards to promote their appropriate updating in the Standards New Zealand process.


The New Zealand Concrete Masonry Manual is the flagship document of the NZCMA. As the New Zealand Building Code review proceeds, the corresponding sections of the Manual are updated to ensure the owner is kept abreast of changes.

Other publications can be found on the Publications pages of this website.

Publications are further supported by presentations at appropriate industry forums. Recent NZCMA presentations have been delivered at combined concrete industries and masonry trade conferences, and at nation-wide seminar venues.

The NZCMA also actively participates in the training of young specifiers at New Zealand universities and polytechnics.

Concrete masonry is a staple material of the New Zealand construction industry; a silent workhorse that encompasses reinforced concrete block and concrete block veneer, along with concrete block paving and flagstone paving for pedestrian walkways.

The Concrete Masonry Manual, which was created in the late 1970s as a guide to the design and construction of concrete masonry, has been updated and is available in sections for free download as required.

Download the Manual